Bush Varieties

Bush Fuchsia Frank Saunders

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(S) Sepals

(C) Corolla 

Anne Buchan single (S) Carmine (C) Pale fuchsia pink
Alan Swaby single (S) Pinky/White (C) Violet ( 2020 Sid Garcia) SOLD OUT
Annie Brookfield semi double (S) White/Pink (C) Blue ( Bromac 2013)
Ann H Tripp single (S) White (C) White
Aintree single (S) White (C) Rose
Alison Patricia  single (S) Pale Rose (C) Violet
Ashville single (S) White (C) Deep Cerise (2011 M Wilkinson)

Baby Bright single (S) White (C) White
Barbara Elizaberth single (S) Neyrose (C) Rose
Barbara Windsor single (S) Magenta (C) Violet
Becky Lou double (S) Red (C) Purple/Blue
Bryn Seran single (S) White (C) White  ( 2017 K Lawrence) 
Bryn Derw single (S) White (C) White (2018 K Lawrance) 
Bryn-y-Baal single (S) Deep Pink (C) Violet ( 2018 K Lawrance) 

Carla Johnson  single (S) Pale Pink (C) Lavender
Colin Dorrington singe (S) Pink (C) Violet (2017 K Lawrence)
Constance Comer single (S) Salmon (C) Orange
Celia Smedley  single (S) Cream (C) Red

Dieing Embers single (S) Dark Red  (C) Aubergine
Doris Burns single (S) Light Orange (C) Red/Orange (2011 E Reynolds)

Golden Dawn  single (S) Salmon (C) Orange
Grandma Shelia single (S) Deep Rose (C) Deep Violet

Ernie single (S) Red (C) White
Eleanor Sinton double (S)Pink (C)  Lavender (2014 R Sinton)
Eternity semi double (S) Pink (C) Lilac
Emily Eve double (S) Red (C) White (2015 P Waving)

Frank Saunders single (S) White (C) Lavender
Hannah Rogers single (S) White (C) White/Pink
Hawaiian Sunset double (S)  Dark Rose (C) Dark Red 
Hazal Elizabeth single (S) Neyron Rose (C) Current Red (2014 M Wilkinson)
Herps Pierment single (S) Light Rose  (C) Magenta
Harlow Perfection  double (S) Light Pink(C) Pink
Hot Coals single  (S) Dark Red  (C) Aubergine

Jennifer Ann single (S) Cream  (C) Salmon Orange
Judith Louise single (S) Pink  (C) Purple
Jack Sieven  single (S)  Pink (C)  Violet

Kath Wilson single (S) Salmon (C) Salmon Orange ( 2012 J Porter)
Krommenie single  (S) White (C) Lilac

Lillian Annetts double (S) White (C) Lilac Blue
Linda Hinchcliffe single (S) White (C) Blue
Little Jessica Encliara S/C) White (2015 S Garcia)
Lyes Unique single (S) Waxy White (C) Salmon
Lynne  Patricia double (S) Pale Rose (C) Pale Violet
Louise Nichols single (S) Pink (C) pink
London 2000 single (S) Creamy Pink (C) Cyclamen Blue
Lyndon single (S) Deep Pink (C) Lavender (2014)
Lottie Hobby Enclianda (S/) Crimson
Macus Graham double (S) Flesh Pink (C) Pink streaked Orange
Mandarin Cream (S) Cream (C) Salmon
Marina Kelly single (S) White (C) Pale Pink
Marie Landy  single (S) Pale Pink (C) Violet
Mavis Edersby double (S) Pink (C) Lilac
Mieke Meursing single (S) Red (C) Pink
Moody Blue double (S) White (C) Blue

Nicki's Findling single (S) Orange (C) Orange

Olive Smith single (S) Orange (C) Salmon Orange
Oliva Suker double (S) Pink (C) Pink (2018 A Swaby)
Our Claire single (S) Cerise (C) Lilac
Our Carol single (S) White (C) Lavender
Our Spence (S) White (C) Pink

Pennine single (S) Pink (C) Violet Blue
Paula Jane double (S) Pink (C) Purple
Pres Peter Holloway single (S) White (C) Powder Blue (NEW S Garcia)
Pink Fantasia single (S) Pink (C) Purple
Pres Derek Luther single (S) Rose (C) Purple (2020 Sid Garcia) SOLD OUT
Pres John Porter single (S) Rose (C) White
Pres George Bartlett single (S) Red (C) Aubergine
Purple Klokje single (S) Aubergine (C) Arbergine

Rachel Amber single (S) Rose Bengal (C) Vermillion  (2011 B Aldren) 
Remember Eric single (S) Deep Pink (C) Pink
Remember Carole Ann double (S) White (C) Purple/Rose (2011 A Swaby)
Reverend Frank Pagden single (S) Rose (C)Violet Blue (2012 A Swaby)
Rivendell single (S) Lavender Pink (C) Aubergine
Rose Fantasia single (S) Rose (C) Purple

Sabrina double Pale Pink (C) White
Salt N Pepper Encliandra Red (P Leatherdale 2017)
Shellford single (S) Light Pink (C) Light Pink
Silver Surfer Single (S) Pink (S) Pink (2015 S Garcia)
Sporting Chance single (S) Rose (C) Violet (2017 C Bright)
Stardust single (S) Orange (C) Orange
Sue single (S) Orange Red (C) Orange Red Thamar single (S) White (C) Lilac

Tom West single (S) Red (C) Purple variegated foliage
Tom Wood single (S) White (C) Purple
Thelma Copestake single (S) Rose (C) Voilet (NEW S Garcia)
 Valeria Bradley single (S) White(C) Salmon
Vivienne Thompson semie double (S) Rhodamine Pink (C) White

Walz Jubelteen single (S) Pink (C) Deep Pink
Widnes Wonder single (S) Pink (C) Dark Purple (2009 C Bright) 
Wigan Peer double (S) White (C) Pale Pink 
Whoopee double (S) Red (C) White (2015 P Waving)

Specialist fuchsia growers of bush trailing triphylla & hardy fuchsias Little porters hill farm frith lane wrenbury cheshire cw5 8hq open 9.30 to 1.30