Trailing Varieties

Trailing Fuchsia Puts Folly

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(S) Sepals   

(C) Corolla

(S/T) Semi Trailing

Annabel double (S) Rose (C) Creamy White 
Auntie Jinks single (S) White (C) Purple
Beyrs single (S) Pink (C) Rose
Blue Angel double (S) White (C) Blue
Billy single (S) Deep Pink (C) Lilac

Claudia double (S)  Pink tipped green  (C)  Pink

Coachman single (S)  Salmon orange  (C)  Orange

 Eva Boerg double (S)  Light Pink  (C) Purple

 Harry Grey double (S)  White (C)  Creamy White

 Jack Shahan single (S)  Rose  (C)  rose
Jean Taylor  semi double  (S)  Rose red  (C)  Lilac blue

 Lady in Red S/T single (S)  Red  (C)  White 
Lauren  double (S)  Pink  (C)  Pale pink
La-campanella double (S)  White  (C)  Purple

Natasha Sinton bouble (S) Pink (C) Pink

Machu Picchu single  (S)  Rose (C)   Salmon

Patricia Hodge single (S) Salmon (C) Orange
Pink Galore double (S) Pink (C) Pink
Purple Fountian double  (S) Red (C) Purple
Putts Folly single  (S) Pale Pink (C) Pink
 Salmon Cascade single  (S)  Orange  (C)  Orange
Sir Matt Busby  double (S)  Red  (C) White
Swingtime  double  (S)  Scarlet (C) White
Show Off   semi double (S)  Rose Pink  (C)  Violet
Sylvia Barker single (S)  Waxy White  (C)  Scarlet to orange

 Time after Time  single (S)  Rose Pink  (C  Pale Pink
Trudi Davro double (S) White  (C)  White
Tom West single (S) Red (C) Purple with variegated foliage
Wendy Hebdon double (S) Peach (C) Peach


Specialist fuchsia growers of bush trailing triphylla & hardy fuchsias Little porters hill farm frith lane wrenbury cheshire cw5 8hq open 9.30 to 1.30